This page contains resources for 24 Hours of Prayer for COP26 from Saturday 30 October to Sunday 31 October 2021.

The Church of England has called on all Christians to pray for the COP26 climate talks taking place next week which will bring together heads of state, climate experts and campaigners to agree on actions to tackle climate change.

People will be praying at home and in our building from 5 pm on Saturday until 3 pm on Sunday. Resources to help with this can be found below.

Prayer Walk: From 3 to 4 pm on Sunday we are asking all the congregation to go on a prayer walk somewhere in the parish or nearby. See below for some ideas to help you.

Then, please come to church for 4pm (even if you haven’t walked) for tea and scones, some sung worship, and final prayers as we finish by being all together.

Prayer Guide

Materials to help you pray will be available in the building or can be found here if you are praying at home.

Originally for G7 as well, but still very relevant and with Bible passages:

Prayer in the Park

80 prayers, readings, pieces of information, and quotes from a variety of sources:

Prayer Vigil

8 week COP26 prayer guide with lots of information about the issues and lots of prayer points:

COP26 Prayer Guide

Prayer Walk

As you walk you could:

Look out for things in the world that you think are amazing. It could be a flower, a beautiful tree, a leaf, or the way the sun lights up a space – anything about creation that you want to give thanks for. Look for God in the world around you. (You could take a photo and share on WhatsApp or Facebook.)

Spot things that are causing harm to the world. These may be things you would like to change, or it may be things that remind you of bigger problems. As you walk and see those things, pray for healing in God’s world.  Ask God to show you ways you are doing harm and ask for help and forgiveness.

Look for things that give you hope – small spots of natural beauty, communities coming together, places where people are trying to make a difference. Pray for hope and action to grow

On your walk, think about the weather. Do you see any signs of weather damage in your area? Pray for areas of the world severely affected by drought, storm and flooding.

A prayer guide from Christian Aid is available for download.