Recycling at Christ Church

Recycling at church – You can now recycle four different products in the collection boxes in the foyer: 1. Crips and snack peanut packets all makes    2. Biscuit and cracker packets/wrappers   3. Cheese wrappers, packets, pouches and nets  4. Bread and bakery bags/...

Sunday Morning – 10.30am

Martin is leading our Sunday service and Bobbie will be preaching on the topic ‘Come to me and rest’ in the next of our sermon series ‘Come and Go’. The reading is Matthew 11:25-30.

PCC Decision Minutes

The decision minutes for the meetings on 1 February, 15 March, 17 May, 19 July, 20 September and 22 November 2022 can be found below:

Office update and contact details

Amanda works from the office 9-12 most mornings Monday-Friday but please ring before popping in to ensure she is available. The new office mobile number is 07549084902.  The number for the land line which has an answerphone is 0121 471 2379. Ben’s contact...