One Small Step …

29 Sep 2021

Climate change, environmental issues, plastic pollution, shrinking biodiversity – it’s easy to be overwhelmed, even to the extent where it’s difficult to do anything. But we can all take ‘One Small Step’ and maybe all those small steps collectively might become a giant leap for humankind!  In the week leading up to COP26, the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow, we are running a number of events that might help us take those small steps whilst enjoying being community and enjoy engaging with the community.

More details about all these events, including links to book for the ticketed events, at

24 and 31 October: A Greener Journey to Church

If you are travelling to attend a Sunday morning service, can you do so in a greener way – walk, cycle, bus, car share?

Monday 25 October – What in the world are we doing?

10 am – 2 pm. Explore environmental issues through interactive activities

Wednesday 27 October – Food for thought

7 – 9 pm. A vegetarian meal with talk by Ben on ‘Does God really care about creation?’ Ticketed event

Thursday 28 October – Exploring Ten Acres

2 – 4 pm. Explore the ‘secret path’ along the River Rea with Sustainable Life. Ticketed event

Friday 29 October – I’d rather live without…

7.30 – 10 pm. Fairtrade wine tasting with stories from local people who have reduced their environmental footprint. Ticketed event

Saturday 30 October – Don’t throw it away!

10 am – 3 pm. Workshops and advice about upcycling

Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October – 24 Hours of Prayer

5 pm – 5 pm. A chain of prayer in our building and at home, ending with a prayer walk and time of prayer and worship.

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