Update on Covid Measures

29 Sep 2021

What’s staying the same

– To protect the vulnerable, we continue to encourage everyone to wear a face covering during services.  In case any visitors do not have one, the Welcome Team will have a few masks to hand out.

– We will continue to put out chairs in groups of two next to both sets of windows in the main hall.  Please contact Amanda in the office if you would like to reserve a seat in this section.

What’s changing

– We are making the Test & Trace signup voluntary.  If you wish to be informed of a confirmed case at a service, please either scan the Test & Trace QR code or sign the sheet in the foyer.

– You no longer need to book a place at the service (unless you want to sit in the socially distanced section by the windows).

Comment from Ben

I realise that there is a large range of opinions when it comes to wearing masks in church.  Some churches have made face coverings totally optional, others are still asking people to wear them.  Most other places where people gather are no longer requiring people to wear them – but I think church is different, and perhaps we should set an example about protecting those who are most vulnerable.  After all, wearing face coverings is not about ‘me’, it’s about loving our neighbour.

I wish we didn’t need to wear them – they are a pain when singing (even more so for those who wear glasses), leading and preaching to a bunch of eyes instead of faces isn’t great, and they make things more formal and restrained when I long for us to feel free in our worship services.

However, the bottom line is that (within reason!) I want people to feel safe and valued when they come to one of our worship services.

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