News Sheet

11 February 2022

Exploring the Christian faith

Start! Course

The Start! Course kicks off at 10.45am on Wednesday 8 February and runs for six weeks.  It is a ‘start from scratch’ way of exploring the Christian faith.  Each week will finish in time for you to have lunch at our Lunch Club if you wish.  No need to book – simply come along.

Coffee Mates

Coffee Mates meets Fridays during term time from 10.30 am to noon. Why not bring a friend along for a chat over coffee and cake? Coffee Mates will be free from November to February to support our community during the Cost of Living Crisis.

Knit and Natter – The group will run at the same time as Coffee Mates, 10.30am-12 noon, so we have the added pleasure of drinks and lovely cakes on offer while we knit. The only cost is for your drinks and cake.  The group is for all those who love knitting or have always wanted to have a go and would like to start with something simple.  Anyone who crochets is very welcome to join us and maybe show us how to crochet!  All are welcome.  We have a supply of wool and there will be some spare needles.  If anyone has any needles or patterns they would like to pass on please get in touch.

An Art Group also meet during Coffee Mates if you would like to bring a project – all are welcome.

If you are available on Fridays to help set up or serve at Coffee Mates (you don’t need to commit to a whole morning) please contact Miriam or Amanda.

Lunch Club

Lunch Club meets most Wednesdays 11.30am-2pm. We enjoy activities, social time, a thought for the day and of course a hot meal cooked by Bobbie. Lunch Club will be free from November to February. If you would like more details, please contact Amanda in the office.

If you are free on Wednesday and have a gift for running activities, leading a thought for the day or serving by washing up please contact Bobbie or Amanda in the office for more details.

Office update and contact details

Amanda works from the office 9-12 most mornings Monday-Friday but please ring before popping in to ensure she is available. The new office mobile number is 07549084902.  The number for the land line which has an answerphone is 0121 471 2379.

Ben’s contact details are as follows:

Mobile: 07985490173


Ben’s day off is Friday.

Update on Covid Measures

Face Coverings from 20 March – As announced during February, we are updating our COVID protocols.  These changes will take effect from 20 March.

What is staying the same:

We will continue to have chairs by the windows – those at the rear of the church will be for those who wish to wear masks.

We will continue to broadcast our 10.30am Sunday services on Zoom for those who are unable to attend in person.

We will continue to hold a monthly 9am Sunday service, with 2m social distancing and face coverings – please contact the office to enquire or book a place at this service.

What is changing:

  • Wearing a face covering during a Sunday service will be optional from 20 March – that includes moving around the building, and it includes singing.  Please be gracious with one another, in particular those who make a different choice to you.

‘Monday Prayers for our Country’

On Zoom at 6pm on Mondays for 30 minutes, term time only.

We pray for our government and other leaders, for issues of concern in the news, for the poor and marginalised, for Christian witness. If you would like to join in (you can join in silently if you prefer) please contact the office or Bobbie for the link.

We are taking a break over the summer but will restart in September.

PCC Decision Minutes

The decision minutes for the meetings on 1 February, 15 March, 17 May, 19 July, 20 September and 22 November 2022 can be found below:

Sunday Morning – 10.30am

Martin is leading our Sunday service and Bobbie will be preaching on the topic ‘Come to me and rest’ in the next of our sermon series ‘Come and Go’. The reading is Matthew 11:25-30.

Recycling at Christ Church

Recycling at church – You can now recycle four different products in the collection boxes in the foyer:

1. Crips and snack peanut packets all makes   

2. Biscuit and cracker packets/wrappers  

3. Cheese wrappers, packets, pouches and nets 

4. Bread and bakery bags/ packets

1 and 2 for will raise funds for scouts. 3 and 4 for Armani.

Andy gave a quick presentation on how the crisp recycling programme is going and has put together the following list of items that can be recycled .  The company terracycle    has recycling programmes for a lot of generally hard to recycle plastics that are not covered by the council kerbside schemes. Their logo is now on the back of many plastic products    


At church Andy is collecting crisp and snack packets under the Walkers and KP schemes together

Also Biscuit wrappers from all products of which the poster is below

To help him please flatten them in a pile possibly putting them into a larger crisp bag or biscuit bag first before dropping them in the box. Money raised from these are going to Scout group projects.

I am also trying to get off the ground a cheese wrapper scheme: all the plastic wrappers but not the trays. At the moment the nearest collecting point is Morrisons in Sheldon. They also have a box for confectionary wrappers

Stirchley library has boxes to collect the following

Pringle tubes, Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes other oral hygiene containers, Ella’s food pouches, flexible ring carriers from drinks cans, personal care and beauty products.

Check with the centre first before you start collecting in case this is out of date. They have a Facebook page.

St Edward’s primary school Selly Park Rd

 They are in the process of setting up a bread bag and bread wrapper scheme with Warburtons

Otherwise all bread bags and many other bags can be recycled at large supermarkets Sainburys Northfield and Selly Oak.

Tetrapaks and batteries are taken at council waste sites e.g. Lifford lane

Batteries are also taken at lots of shops e.g. Curry’s Wickes

Razor blades and handles can be recycled though Gillette. You need to go their website and request a postal bag

The following places also are collecting centres which you can check to see what items they take

Moseley exchange on Alcester Rd

Solihull zero wasters on Hobs Moat Rd  

Some other harder to recycle items are coffee bags because they are brand specific e.g. Taylors of Harrogate. There are no local collection points but you can become a local collector. You need to collect a minimum of 100g before sending them in.

Aluminium foil, not cans are also a bit more awkward. Personally I collect them in foil trays and then bash them flat. When I’ve collected a few kilos I take them to a metal recycler and sell them.

Pens are taken at Rymans stores and Aston university charity collection

Cat food pouches schemes are coming out soon and so long as you rinse them out they do not smell.