Planning for re-opening

Thank you for your responses to the questionnaire which have been really helpful and informative. The Task and Finish Group met on 14 July to review your responses. The Group used your opinions to help them form some recommendations regarding the way forward for the PCC to consider as they meet on Monday. There are many important decisions to make regarding beginning to open the building. We will be keeping you informed.

Improving our grounds

Anyone is welcome to join in some socially distanced gardening at the church site on Wednesday 5 August from 2.30pm. Unfortunately the ants are in full biting mode so please come prepared – trousers tucked in socks etc. Possible jobs include weeding, planting with any ground cover that you might have, edge cutting, putting up some trellis for the honeysuckle, filling new wooden containers with compost, litter picking and many more. Please bring any tools that you might need.

More creativity

Gold-coloured lectern fall

If you watched last Sunday’s Reflection you may have noticed the new lectern fall when Cath was doing our reading from within the main hall. Thank you to Kate Routley who made the fall to match the beautiful wall hanging she made for Easter.

The power station

Solar panels display showing lifetime generation of over 30,000 kWhThe solar panels on the roof of our building have clocked up another milestone – 30,000 kWh – they just keep going regardless!